Margaret Collins

Elementary School

1224 Pinole Valley Road, Pinole,  CA 94564.

Telephone: +1 510 231-1446

Fax:  +1 510 741 1268


Meet the Staff 2017-2018

Mrs. Botta (2nd Grade)

Mrs. Giovanolli (2th Grade)

Mrs. Willis (1st Grade)

A Teacher is someone who cares about their students. They nurture their souls with knowledge and they make students want to learn.

"Seeing students excited about something they have learned is what I like most about teaching"

Mrs. Willis (SH-Primary) 

Mr. Takahashi (3rd Grade)

"My hope is that the students will grow up to be healthy, kind adults who have compassion for others"

"A Teacher is a Role Model, a leader by example & a nurturer"


Mrs. Guzman (1st Grade)

Mrs. Franke (3rd Grade)