Margaret Collins

Elementary School

1224 Pinole Valley Road, Pinole,  CA 94564.

Telephone: +1 510 231-1446

Fax:  +1 510 741 1268


Meet the Staff 2017 - 2018

Mrs. Scofield (4th Grade) 

"A Teacher is a patient person who loves sharing knowledge and wisdom"

Mrs. Escanellas (SH- Intermediate)

Mrs. Holley (6th Grade)

Mrs Simon-Tatum (6th Grade)

"My definition of a Teacher is teaching students to love learning"


"A Teacher is someone who instills a love of learning"

Mr Pitts (5th Grade)

"A Teacher is someone who fosters the love of learning in others and opens a door for students so that they can realize their own potential"

Mrs. Belanoff (4th/5th Grade)